Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you curl a synthetic wig? 
Yes! Our wigs are heat friendly so you can use curlers, flat irons, blow dryer etc on it but the heat setting shouldn’t be too high. 
Do you deliver? 
We don’t offer deliver at this time but we may offer it in the future. 
Can I pick up my order in Talbotton? 
Since we’re based in Columbus orders are typically picked up in Columbus. We do send certain orders to our Talbotton location twice a week and there’s a $3 convenience fee for us to send your order for pick up there. 
Do your wigs come just like the photo?
All wigs on the mannequin are straight out the my pack. We do little to no styling to them so you can really see what you’re getting. We may brush the curls or hot comb the top to flatten it but that’s as much altering we have done.
Can I try on a wig? 
We are not allowing wig try-ons at this time. 
Can you hold an item for me? 
We do not hold items however you can place an order and you have 24 hours to pick it up. 
What is the length? 
Synthetic wigs don’t typically come in lengths. It’s not listed on the package but for most wig, we try to estimate the length & put it in the description.