About us

The company: 

Syn City is a special type of beauty supply store. We prefer to call ourselves a “hair store”. We carry more hair (wigs, braids, bundles) than anything else. We chose not to carry 1000s of wigs or pack hair etc and take time to try, research & get feedback on products before deciding to sell them to make sure we are only offering the best & most loved items. 

Why go into a store to see aisles and aisles of wigs when you can see exactly what they look like fresh out of the package while sitting at home or on the go. We want your hair shopping experience simple & quick. We do the work for you. We have our own opinion and review of items & we share the good, the bad, the ugly about the items we carry so you know what to expect. Our goal is just to make sure our customer looks good & gets a in person glance of the item online. 

The owner: Shameka 

Offering hair for any budget was always a goal for me. I’m the girl that knows she can look good in any hair style whether it’s affordable or cost a little higher. I set out in 2017 to open my own beauty supply store but learned quickly this wasn’t an easy task for a black woman. After being told no by most major beauty supply hair brands, I decided to start my own brand so I wouldn’t need products from the brands that closed the door in my face. It was hard finding my own vendor for synthetic wigs so I decided to build a brand with virgin hair bundles & wigs first and come back to this after the brand was built. The virgin hair brand was built and I studied the beauty supply industry for years learning all I could learn. Being so busy with my other business I didn’t have time to expand into the beauty supply industry. That is until I got sick and had nothing but time. I made connections, read books, learned more and got everything I needed to get started. I planned to relax until I got better but after I began promoting to show everyone what I had in store, they were ready to buy right then so I decided to open early & it’s been nothing but blessings since then.