How to care for synthetic wigs

Believe it or not, I care for synthetic wigs the same way I care for my human hair wigs. I just take extra time & TLC on the synthetics. Synthetics need to brushed daily especially before bed but don’t brush curly & tight wavy textured hair. You can wash it when it gets dirty. You can flat iron it etc. It’s not much different from caring from human other than you have to take care of it! You can’t be lazy. 
Daily care
   Some textures tangle so keeping your brush or comb to comb through tangles that you may get through the day is a must.
     I like to spray it with a good wig spray as well. Wig sprays help detangle and avoid tangles. Don’t worry, we’ll have a few in soon.   
Night care
Brush the tangles out before bed everyday and remove your wig. I like placing mind on a mannequin head (the styrofoam one is cheap). Removing it before bed, will help it tangle less and last longer. Sleeping in them causes you to rub against in and tangle. If you just have to sleep in it then wrap it up.    
          For regular textures, put it in a bun without a scrunchie/tie and place a small tight bonnet around it. You can wear a edge tie on your edges to protect them. 
         For curly/wavy textures, twist or plait it then apply your bonnet. Some people do this to all of their textures actually. 
How to revive
When you have to bring your baby back to life, there’s a few things to do. 
  1.  You can trim the ends. The ends tend to frizz/Matt first. If a flat iron or spray doesn’t help, just trim the ends off. 
  2. Use fabric softener mixed with water to spray it down. This will keep it soft and help detangle those stubborn tangles. 
  3. Wash it! Use a wig shampoo or silicone mix to wash & condition it. Let it air dry or roll it and dip it in hot water to add curls. Once it’s washed, the curls won’t come back like before.                                You can also soak it in fabric softener and water to bring it back to life. I’ll have tutorials on this soon. 
  4. Curl it - you can curl synthetic wigs. When curling after you remove the curler or flat iron, hold the curl in your hand. Don’t let it drop until it cools. This is what helps set the curl so it stays. 
  5. Curly wigs can be straightened once the curls start giving you trouble. Do this and now you have a new look. 
  6. Detangle from ends first and work your way to the top. Use a wide comb, paddle brush or wire brush. 
How to store
When you are done wearing your synthetic wig, store it in the packaging it came in. Don’t just throw it in a bag or closet sis. 
Note: Tom make your wigs last, don’t wear them every single day. Get you a few and switch up your look every week or 2 at the most. 

Disclaimer: Just like most hair on the market, synthetic hair is processed with chemicals. Depending on your skin & body chemistry, you may not be able to wear it without it being itchy or other rare reactions. This isn’t common but definitely something new wearers should know. 

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